Knew what they were doing and did it fast and efficient, too. If I have a question, I know I can always ask and they'll tell me what and why. I have been to a lot of dentists over my lifespan and this is in the top bracket!!! And that is no joke; they ARE good!!!!! --Rich
Friendly, easy to work with, always willing to accommodate I forgot my appointment and they called to see if I was still planning on it. They are great with my children. All my children love going and always get excited when it's their turn to visit the dentist. --Kelly
Best dentist ever I usually don't like going to the dentist, but when I went here I felt really comfortable. They did a really good job cleaning my teeth and explained any problems I had with my teeth and told how to take better care of my teeth. --Emma
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We all want to look our best and sometimes our teeth are just the place to start. Teeth become discolored for several reasons. Genetics play a role in tooth color and how quickly tooth enamel discolors. Some discoloration takes place naturally with age. Trauma to the teeth, illness, medication and exposure to certain foods, beverages and tobacco can cause discoloration. If your teeth are discolored, tooth whitening may help!

Whitening products may be administered or dispensed by dentist or purchased over-counter. The primary ways to whiten are:

  1. Crest White Strips or Tres White--Can be purchased through store or our office. “One size fits all” is slightly cumbersome.
  2. Custom trays with whitening gel--Custom fitted tray; this is the most predictable technique. There are two strengths of bleach that require different time lengths -- 35% strength takes ½ hour and 10% leave in overnight.
  3. In-office whitening--two hours is the time commitment and is great if you want a dramatic change quickly. You are given the custom fitted trays and bleach to take home for maintaining your white teeth.